Daniel Application

        1) Keeping in mind the meaning of Daniel's name, "God is my judge," think about how Daniel lived. Review what you                    observed of his life and character and determine to be a Daniel. You have His promise, "The people who know their God             will display strength and take action" (Daniel 11:32b). If you are God's child, you also have God's Spirit and His grace                (John 14:17; 1 Corinthians 15:10).

        2) What did Daniel know about God that would help him accept what happened to him? How does this understanding of                God help you deal with the situations and circumstances of your life?

        3) How does your understanding of future events help you understand and deal with what is happening in history? Have                you thought about using Daniel as a tool in sharing the gospel with other? Many times prophecy will open the door when             nothing else will.

Daniel Theme of Application




God is in Control

God is all-knowing, and he is in charge of world events. God overrules and removes rebellious leaders who defy him. God will overcome evil; no one is exempt. But he will deliver the faithful who follow him.

Although nations vie for world control now, one day Christ’s Kingdom will replace and surpass the kingdoms of this world. Our faith is sure because our future is secure in Christ. We must have courage and put our faith in God, who controls everything.  

Purpose in Life

Daniel and his three friends are examples of  dedication and commitment. They determined to serve God regardless of the consequences. They did not give in to pressures from an ungodly society because they had a clear purpose in life.

It is wise to make trusting and obeying God alone our true purpose in life. This will give us direction and peace in spite of the circumstances or consequences. We should disobey anyone who ask us to disobey God. Our first allegiance must be to God.


Daniel served 70 years in a foreign land that was hostile to God, yet he did not compromise his faith in God. He was truthful. persistent in prayer, and disinterested in power for personal glory.  

In order to fulfill your life’s purpose, you need staying power. Don’t let your Christian distinctness become blurred. Be relentless in your prayers, maintain your integrity, and be content to serve God whatever he puts you.

God’s Faithfulness

God was faithful in Daniel’s life. He delivered him from execution, from a den of lions, and from enemies who hated him. God cares for his people and deals patiently with them.

We can trust God to be with us through any trial. Because he has been faithful to us, we should remain faithful to him.