Colossians Applications

        1) Examine your lifestyle. What are you pursuing? Does it have eternal value? Is it drawing you closer to God or keeping                you from time alone with God in prayer and in studying the Word? Are you seeking things that are above or earthly                    things?

        2) Examine your beliefs. Are you being deluded with any modern-day philosophies or traditions that contradict the Word or             aren't in the Word? Any legalistic rules that are not clearly taught in the New Testament? Any mystical teaching or                        prophecies that can't be supported in the Word of God or that have tendency to add something that isn't there or that                seem to be only for an elite group of people?

        3) Inductive Bible study takes time. The enemy will do all he can to keep you from knowing God and His Word intimately,                for truth is your major defense and offense in spiritual warfare. Are you going to make it your goal to let the Word of                    Christ richly dwell within you and to walk in its precepts?

        4) Are you proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ and holding firmly to all He is and all that you have in Him as He is presented             in Colossians?

        5) As you studied Colossians, did you see any areas in your life in which you are falling short or simply walking in                            disobedience to God's Word? What steps are you going to take in order to correct these?

Colossians Themes of Application




Christ is God

Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, Lord of all creation, and Lord of the new creation. He is the visible image of the invisible God. He is eternal, preexistent, omnipotent, equal with the Father. He is supreme and complete.  

Because Christ is supreme, our livest must be Christ-centered. To recognize him as God means to regard our relationship with him as most vital and to make his interests our top priority.  

Christ is Heat

of the Church

Because Christ is God, he is the head of the church, his true believers. Christ is the founder, the leader, and the highest authority on earth. He requires first place in all our thoughts and activities.

To acknowledge Christ as our head, we must welcome his leadership in all we do or think. No person, group, or church can regard any loyalty as more critical than that of loyalty to Christ.  

Union with Christ

Because our sin has been forgiven and we have been reconciled to God, we have a union with Christ that can never be broken. In our faith connection with him, we identify with his death, burial, and resurrection.  

We should live in constant contact and communication with God. When we do, we all will be unified with Christ and with one another.  


False teacher were promoting a heresy that stressed self-made rules (legalism). They also sought spiritual growth by discipline of the body (asceticism) and visions (mysticism). This search created pride in their self-centered efforts.

We must not cling to our own ideas and try to blend them into Christianity. Nor should we let our hunger for a more fulfilling Christian experience cause us to trust in a teacher, a group, or a system of thought more than in Christ himself. Christ is our hope and our true source of wisdom.