3 John Application

  1. What is your testimony before others? Are you known for your love of others or for your love of yourself? Do you share what you have with others? Do you listen to others? Do you have to be first?
  2. According t what John says in this epistle, what does the way you live have to do with you relationship to God?

  3. Are you quick to love, to exhort, and to stand for truth? What do you need to do? 

3 John Themes of Application





John wrote to encourage those who were kind to others. Genuine hospitality for traveling Christians workers was needed then and is still important today

Faithful Christians teachers and missionaries need our support. Whenever you can extend hospitality to others, it will make you a partner in their ministry


Diotrephes not only refused to offer hospitality but also set himself up as a church boss. Pride disqualified him from being a real teacher.

Christians leader must shun pride and its effects on them. Be careful not to misuse your position of leadership.


Gaius and Demetrius were commended for their faithful work in the church. They were held up as examples of faithful, selfless servants.   

Don’t take for granted Christian worker who serve faithfully. Be sure to encourage them so they won’t grow weary of of serving.