2 timothy Application


1.      What is your responsibility toward the gospel? To what lengths will you go in order to carry out this responsibility?

2.     What are you doing to make sure you handle the Word of God accurately? Do you simply repeat what you have been taught or are you carefully studying the Word systematically?

3.      Are you willing to suffer for the sake of those who would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and receive salvation?

4.      What kind of men and women do you need to beware of in these last days?

5.      How are you living? Are you a coward or have you fought the good fight of faith?

6.      Are you ready to die? How will you feel when you see Jesus Christ face to face?

2 Timothy Themes of Application





In the face of opposition and persecution, Timothy was to carry his ministry without fear or shame. Paul urged him to utilize boldly the gifts of preaching and teaching that the Holy Spirit had given him

The Holy Spirit helps us to be wise and strong. God honors our confident testimony even when we suffer. To get over our fear of what people might say or do, we must take our eyes off of people and look only to God.  


Christ was faithful to all of us in dying for our sin. Paul was a faithful minister even when he was in prison. Paul urged Timothy to maintain not only sound doctrine but also loyalty, diligence, and endurance.  

We can count opposition, suffering, and hardship as we serve Christ. But this shows that our faithfulness is having an effect on others. As we trust Christ, he counts us worthy to suffer, and he will give us the strength we need to be steadfast.     

Preaching and


Paul and Timothy were active in preaching and teaching the Good News about Jesus Christ. Paul encouraged Timothy not only to carry the torch of truth but also to train others, passing on to them sound doctrine and enthusiasm for Christ’s mission.

We must prepare people to transmit God’s Word to others so that they in turn might pass it on. Does your church carefully train others to teach?


In the final days before Christ returns, there will be false teachers, spiritual dropouts, and heretics. The remedy for error is to have a solid program for teaching Christians.

Because of deception and false teaching, we must be disciplined and ready to reject error. Know the Word of God as your sure defense against error and confusion.