2 John Application


1) What does this book say about someone who does not abide in the teaching of Christ? Do you know someone who could fit that description? What should you do?

2) You probably noted that verse 4 says "some" of the children are walking in truth (see also John 17:17). Are you careful to walk in all the truth you know? Do you realize that before God, you are responsible to live out the truth that has been entrusted to you?

3) According to this epistle, what does it mean to walk in love? Are you doing this?

2 John Themes of Application





Following God’s Word, the Bible, is essential to Christian living because God is truth. Christ’s true followers consistently obey his truth.

To be loyal to Christ’s teaching, we must seek to know the Bible, but we may never twist its message to our own needs or purposes or encourage others who misuse it.


Christ’s command is for Christians to love one another. This is the basis ingredient of true Christianity.

To obey Christ fully, we must believe his command to love others. Helping, giving, and meeting needs put love into practice.

False Leaders

We must be wary of religious leaders who are not true to Christ’s teaching. We should not give them a platform to spread false teaching.  

Don’t encourage those who are opposed to Christ. Politely remove yourself from association with false leaders. Be aware of what is being taught in your church.