1 Thessalonians Applications

        1) In this book Paul pours his life into other men who could carry on the work of the gospel. Are you spending time                        imparting the things God has done in your life to another who can, in turn, minister to others?

        2) It is sometimes hard to give thanks in all thinks, yet that is the will of God. Go back over the last few days and think of                the things that have happened in your life for which you have not give thanks. Determine in your heart to obey this                    command.

        3) Are the circumstances in your life difficult? How are you responding? What will others say about your response? Can                people imitate your walk with God?

        4) Are you abstaining from sexual immorality? Are you defrauding others sexually in any way at all? Do you realize that if                you’re acting on your sexual passions in a way contrary to God’s Word that God will act as the avenger against you?

        5) Do you pray without ceasing (5:17) for those in your life, who don’t know our Lord? Do you storm the throne for answer             to your problems? Do you pray consistently for others? It’s a convicting command, isn’t it?


1 Thessalonians Themes of Application





Paul and the new Christians at Thessalonica experienced persecution because of their faith in Christ. We can expect trials and troubles as well. We need to stand firm in our faith in the midst of trials, being strengthened by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit helps us to remain strong in faith, able to show genuine love to others and maintain our character even when we are being persecuted, slandered, or oppressed.  

Paul’s Ministry

Paul expressed his concern for this church even while he was being slandered. Paul’s commitment to share the gospel in spite of difficult circumstances is a model we should follow.  

Paul not only delivered his message, but gave of himself. In our ministries, we must become like Paul - faithful and bold, yet sensitive and self-sacrificing.


One day all believers, both those who are alive and those who have died, will be united with Christ. To those Christians who dies before Christ’s return, there is hope - the hope of the resurrection of the body.

Is we believe in Christ, we will live with him forever. All those who belong to Jesus Christ - from throughout history - will be present with him at his second coming. We can be confident that we will be with loved ones who have trusted in Christ.

Being Prepared

No one knows the time of Christ’s return. We are to live moral and holy lives, ever watchful for his coming. Believers must not neglect daily responsibilities, but always work and live to please the Lord.   

The gospel is not only what we believe but also what we must live. The Holy Spirit leads us in faithfulness, so we can avoid lust and fraud. Live as though you expect Christ’s return at any time. Don’t be caught unprepared.