1 Peter Application

        1) What have you learned about the way you are to live? How are you to respond to others, even when they are not living             properly or treating you properly? What is Jesus' example in 1 Peter 2:21-25? Will you follow it?

        2) As you think about what those believers were suffering, should you be surprised if you undergo the same? What will                    suffering accomplish in your life?

        3) Even if you don't have a Nero in your life, is your adversary the devil still prowling about like a lion, seeking whom he                 may devour? What are you to do, according to 1 Peter?

        4) When Jesus returns, will you be found standing firm in the true grace that has been provided you? What must you do or             change in order to be prepared to see Him face-to-face?

1 Peter Themes of Application





Our salvation is a gracious gift from God. . God chose is out of his loves for us, Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sin, and the Holy Spirit cleansed us from sin when we believed. Eternal life is a wonderful gift for those who trust in Christ.

Our safety and security are in God. If we experience joy in relationship with Christ now, how much greater will our joy be when he returns and we see him face to face. Such a hope should motivate us to serve Christ with greater commitment.   


Peter offers faithful believers comfort and hope. We should expect ridicule, rejection, and suffering because we are Christians. Persecution makes us stronger because it refines our faith. We can face persecution victoriously, as Christ did, if we rely on him.

Christians still suffer for what they believe. We should expect persecution, but we don’t have to be terrified by it. The fact that we will live eternally with Christ should give us the confidence, patience, and hope to stand firm even when we are persecuted.   

God’s Family

We are privileged to belong to God’s family, a community with Christ as the founder and foundation. Everyone in this community is related - we are all brothers and sisters, loved equally by God.   

Because Christ is the foundation of our family, we must be devoted loyal, and faithful to him. By obeying him, we show that we are his children. We must accept the challenge to live differently from the society around us.  

Family Life

Peter encouraged the wives of unbelievers to submit to their husband's’ authority as a means of winning then to Christ. He urged all family members to treat others with sympathy, love, compassion, and humility.   

We must treat our families lovingly. Though it’s never easy, willing service is the best way to influence loved ones. To gain the strength we need for self-discipline and submission, we need to pray for God’s help.


God will judge everyone with perfect justice. We all will face God. He will punish evildoers and those who persecute God’s people. Those who love him will be rewarded with life forever in his presence.   

Because all are accountable to God, we can leave judgment of others to him, We must not hate or resent those who persecute us. We should realize that we will be held responsible for how we live each day.