1 John Application


  1. Based on the criteria given in this book, how can you know whether or not you have eternal life?

  2. What have you learned about sin from 1 John? Do you practice sin or righteousness?

  3. Do you love the thing of the world? Are you caught up in the pride of life, in boasting, or in desiring whatever your ayes see?

  4. According to 1 John 3, what are you to do when your heart condemns you?

  5. Does you belief about Jesus Christ match what 1 John teaches about Him?

1 John Themes of Application





Even Christian sin. Sin requires  God's forgiveness, and Christ’s death provides it for us. Determining to live according to God’s standards in the Bible shows that our life is being transformed.    

We cannot deny our sin nature,  maintain that we are “above” sinning, or minimize the consequences of sin in our relationship with God. We must resist the attraction of sin, yet we must confess when we do sin.


Christ commands us to love others as he loved us. This love is evidence that we are truly saved. God is the Creator of love; he cares that his children love each other.

Love means putting others first and being unselfish. Love is action-showing others we care - not just saying it. To show love we must give sacrificially of our time and money to meet the needs of others.   

Family of God

We become God’s children by believing in Christ. God’s life in us enables us to love our fellow family members.

How we treat other shows who our Father is. Live as a faithful, loving family member.

Truth and Error

Teaching that the physical body does no matter, false teachers encouraged believers to throw off moral restraints. They also taught that Christ wasn’t really a man that we must be saved by having some special mystical knowledge. The result was that people became indifferent to sin.   

God is truth and light, so the more we get to know him. the better we can keep focused on the truth. Don’t be led astray by any teaching that denies Christ’s deity or humanity. Check the message; test the claims.   


God is in control of heaven and earth. Because his word is true, we can have assurance of eternal life and victory over sin. By faith we can be certain of our eternal destiny with him.

Assurance of our relationship with God is a promise, but it is also a way of life. We build our confidence by trusting in God’s Word and in Christ’s provision for our sin.