3 John

1 Chapter, 14 verses, 299 words.



    The author is John the apostle. In the first verses of both 2 John and 3 John the author identifies himself as "the elder". Note other similarities: "love in the truth" (v.  1 of both letters),  "walking in the truth" (v. 4 of both letters) and the similar conclusions. 


    The letter was probably written about the same time as 1 and 2 John (A.D. 85-95). See the introduction to 1 John: Date

Occasion and purpose

    See introduction to 2 John: Occasion and Purpose. Itinerant teachers sent out by John were rejected in one of the churches in the province of Asia by a dictatorial leader, Diotrephes, who even excommunicated members who showed hospitality to John's messengers. John wrote this letter to commend Gaius for supporting the teachers and indirectly, to warn Diotrephes.   



   I. Greetings (1-2)
  II. Commendation of Gaius (3-8)
 III. Condemnation of Diotrephes (9-10)
 IV. Exhortation to Gaius (11)
  V. Example of Demetrius (12)
 VI. Conclusion, Benediction and Final Greetings (13-14)