2 Kings
מלכים ב
25 Chapters, 719 verses, 23,532 words.


See Introduction to 1 Kings 

Outline of 2 Kings

A. Solomon’s Succession to the Throne (1:1-2:12)

B. Solomon’s Throne Established (2:13-46)

C. Solomon’s Wisdom (ch. 3)

D.  Solomon’s Reign Characterized (ch. 4)

I. The Solomonic Era


E. Solomon’s Building Projects (5:1-9:9)

1. Preparation for building the temple (ch.5)

2. Building the temple (ch. 6)

3. Building the palace (7:1-12)

4. The temple furnishings (7:13-51)

5. Dedication of the Temple (ch.8)

6. The Lord’s response and warning (9:1-9)

F. Solomon’s Reign Characterized (9:10-10:29)

G. Solomon’s Folly (11:1-13)

H. Solomon’s Throne Threatened (11:14-43)

I.  Rehoboam’s Succession to the Throne (12:1-24

A. Jeroboam I of Israel (12:25-14:20)

B. Rehoboam of Judah (14:21-31)

C. Abijah of Judah (15:1-8)

D. Asa of Judah (15:9-24)

II. Israel and Judah from

E. Nabad of Israel (15:25-32)

Jeroboam I / Rehoboam to  

F. Baasha of Israel (15:33-16:7)

Ahab / Asa (12:25-16:34)

G. Elah of Israel (16:8-14)

H. Zimri of Israel (16:15-20)

I.  Omri of Israel (16:21-28)

J. Ahab of Israel (16:29-34)

III. The Ministry of Elijah And Other Prophets from Ahab / Asa to Ahaziah / Jehoshaphat

(chs. 17-22)

A. Elijah (and  Other Prophets) in the Reign of Ahab (17:1-22:40)

1. Elijah and the drought (ch. 17

2. Elijah on Mount Carmel (ch.18)

3. Elijah’s flight to Horeb (ch. 19)

4. A prophet condemns Ahab for sparing Ben-Hadad (ch.20)

5. Elijah condemns Ahab for seizing Naboth’s vineyard (ch.21)

6. Micaiah prophesies Ahab’s death; its fulfillment (22:1-40)

B. Jehoshaphat of Judah (22:41-50)

C. Ahaziah of Israel (22:51-53)

A. Elliha in the Reign of Ahaziah (ch.1)

B. Elijah’s Translation; Elisha’s Inauguration (2:1-18)

IV. The ministries of Elijah and Elisha during the Reigns of Ahaziah and Joram

(2Ki 1:1-8:15)

C. Elisha in the Reign of Joram (2:19-8:15)

1. Elisha’s initial miraculous signs (2:19-25)

2. Elisha during the campaign against Moab (ch. 3)

3. Elisha’s ministry to needy ones in Israel (ch. 4)

4. Elisha heals Naaman (ch. 5)

5. Elisha’s deliverance of one of the prophets (6:1-7)

6. Alisha’s deliverance of Joram from Aramean raiders (6:8-23)

7. Aramean siege of Samaria lifted, as Elisha prophesied (6:24-7:20)

8. The Shunammite’s land restored (8:1-6)

9. Elisha prophesies Hazael’s oppression of Israel (8:7-15)

A. Jehoram of Judah (8:16-24)

B. Ahaziah of Judah (8:25-29)

C. Jehu’s revolt and Reign in Israel (chs. 9-10)

1. Elisha orders Jehu’s anointing (9:1-130

2. Jehu’s assassination of Joram and Ahaziah (9:14-29)

3. Jehu’s execution of Jezebel (9:30-37)

4. Jehu’s slaughter of Ahab’s family (10:1-17)

5. Jehu’s eradication of Baal worship (10:18-36)

D. Athaliah and Joash of Judah; Repair of the Temple (chs. 11-12)

V. Israel and Judah from

E. Jehoahaz of Israel (13:1-9)


F. Jehoash of Israel; Elisha’s Last Prophecy (13:10-25)

to Exile of Israel

G. Amaziah of Judah (14:1-22)


H. Jeroboam II of Israel (14:23-29)

I.  Azariah of Judah (15:1-7)

J. Zechariah of Israel (15:8-12)

K. Shallum of Israel (15:13-16)

L. Menahem of Israel (15:17-22)

M. Pekahiah of Israel (15:23-26)

N. Pekah of Israel (15:27-31)

O. Jotham of Judah (15:32-38)

P. Ahaz of Judah (ch. 16)

Q. Hoshea of Israel (17:1-6)

R. Exile of Israel; Resettlement of the Land (17:7-41)

A. Hezekiah (chs 18-20)

1. Hezekiah’s good reign (18:1-8)

2. The Assyrian threat and deliverance (18:9-19:37)

3. Hezekiah’s illness and alliance with Babylon (ch. 20)

B. Manasseh (21:1-18)

C. Amon (21:19-26)

VI. Judah from Hezekiah to the Babylonian Exile

(chs. 18-25)

D. Josiah (22:1-23:30)

1. Repair of the temple; discovery of the Book of the Law (ch. 22)

2. Renewal of the covenant; end of Josiah’s reign (23:1-30)

E. Jehoahaz Exiled to Egypt (23:31-35)

F. Jehoiakim: First Babylonian Deportation (23:36-24:7)

G. Jehoiachin: Second Babylonian Deportation (24:8-17)

H. Zedekiah: Third Babylonian Deportation (24:18-25:21)

I. Removal of the Remnant to Egypt (25:22-26)

J. Elevation of Jehoiachin in Babylon (25:27-30)